Order Approval

All orders must be approved before they can be purchased.


Step 1 - Once an order has been placed, it will be directed to the relevant country or regional manager by email for approval.


Managers can use the Customer Permissions and Regional/Country Managers forms to help them in this step.


Step 2 - Once the order has been approved the country/regional manager will receive a second email. Click 'View Form' to view the customers order.

The customers order shows the courses they want to purchase (Order List)


Step 3 - As a country/regional manager, you have permission to add courses to the Shopping Cart (which customers do not). Go to the Courses page in the TEE Online Store and add the courses the customer has requested.

Select each course you want to add by clicking on it, which will display the individual course. Select the quantity of books requested and click 'Add to cart' to add it to the customers order. Repeat for each required course.


Step 4 - When all the requested courses have been added, view the Shopping Cart by clicking 'View my cart'. Don't click 'Check out' - that is what the customer will do when they pay.

As a country/regional manager, when you view the cart, a 'Share link with Customer' icon appears' (customers don't see this). This is a link to a replica of the Shopping Cart you have just created



Step 5 - Clicking 'Share Link with Customer' opens a dialog. Click 'Copy Link'

Paste the link into the 'Link to shopping cart' field of the customers Order form. You can write an optional message to the customer if you want, then press Submit

The customer will receive an email confirming their order has been approved.

By clicking the link you sent, they will be able to open the Shopping Cart you created for them.

By clicking Checkout, they will be able to enter their payment details and purchase the courses.

The customer should typically receive the books within 7-10 business days.



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