How to Use TEE?

How to Use TEE?

What makes TEE unique is its structured combination of the three elements: personal study, group meetings and practical application.

Personal Study: Participants work through carefully prepared lessons which use active learning, rather than passive reading. Each lesson helps them engage with Scripture, gain new knowledge and start to connect it with their own life experience.


Group Meeting: Members share what they learned in the first step, reflecting on their experience and learning from each other. Each group has a group leader, whose role is to facilitate, rather than lecture. Members prepare for the third step by deciding how they will put the lesson into practice.


Practical Application: Whatever was learned in steps 1 and 2 must now be applied in members' daily lives. Practical application is the goal of TEE courses. So this step involves a specific assignment.


Group Leaders: Creating this environment is the task of the group leader. They have to combine the skill of leading lively discussion with the character of giving a good role model and the commitment of giving their time voluntarily every week to serve the group. A TEE program stands or falls on the quality of the leader.

Therefore leaders must be adequately trained, encouraged and supported in their role. To find out how your church can be equipped to start a TEE program, Contact Us.