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Jeremiah - Study Book A (English)

Jeremiah - Study Book A (English)

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Jeremiah is the most advanced SEAN course. It is designed to be accessible, but is not for beginners as it requires a great deal from the student.

The book of Jeremiah is complex, and the often confusing structure sometimes deters people from studying it in depth and, therefore, they do not discover its valuable contents. However, SEAN has developed this course to make it accessible and exciting for those who want to go deeper into the life, times, ministry and messages of one of the great prophets of the Old Testament. Jeremiah is often portrayed as the prophet of doom and gloom! This may be the result of people's perception of what is, at first glance, an exceedingly complex and negative piece of literature. The emphasis of this SEAN course is on Jeremiah as God's prophet of HOPE, and gives a fresh viewpoint from which to approach the biblical material.

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