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Life of Christ Book 2 (Chinese Simplified)

Life of Christ Book 2 (Chinese Simplified)

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This is the second course on the Life of Christ from SEAN International. 

The course analyses the first year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Preparation); emphasises the preaching of John the Baptist, the repentance and the spiritual fruit; explains the main characteristics of the Pharisees and Saducees, the Sanhedrin, etc. 

The baptism of Jesus introduces the doctrines of the Trinity and the attributes of God. The temptation of Jesus is the basis for looking at the inspiration of the Bible and a reflection on materialism, pride and violence in contemporary life.

The course presents the concepts of "synoptic" and "chronological" and uses the technique of comparison to unite Matthew with the rest of the "synoptics" and John; emphasises the extensive use of prophecy in Matthew; teaches about the creed, the confession of sin and the use of symbols and examples in preaching.

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