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Life of Christ Book 3 (Mongolian)

Life of Christ Book 3 (Mongolian)

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This is the third course on the Life of Christ.

The course analyses the second year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Popularity); describes Galilee and the expansion of the kingdom in that province; analyses: the statutes of the kingdom (the Sermon on the Mount), the proof of the kingdom (the miracles), enemies and examples of the kingdom (the parables); teaches about prayer and how to prepare sermons, make home visits, bring others to Christ and plan a new church; introduces the techniques of analysis and synthesis, giving the student ample opportunity to analyse in detail the Sermon on the Mount and prepare simple messages; shows how to use a concordance, Biblical dictionaries, commentaries, etc.; shows how to compare related episodes in various Gospels and how to confront apparent contradictions in them.

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